Poem by Bert Dyer

The Three Principles

From Helping to Learning Together:

For together we
Become who we may become
Therefore we can hum

This silent riddle

Which is that which yields true thought.
What is or is naught?

So you are magic

That welds us together, zeal,
Binding us as truth!

Individual to Relationship:

Perhaps both of us

Will say together now how?
What do you do, phew?

Past into present,

So what is it you now knew?
As if it were true?

Fear to Hope and Possibility:

Emotion is true,

To cry but not to know why.
Ok, as is, do be shy.

You are who you are,

There is no need to make due.
Feel as you feel true.

The Four Tasks


And if there is both we and you also, true,
This connection, here, is bold for me and you,
How so, then, and therefore,

Did you speak to me of yore?

Because yesterday is true just as the score!


Think of how we began from whence or therefore,
And thought shall spew forth as though a healing ore!
As boundless near to time,

Or some silent bell to chime,

Upon such height of emotion out of lore.


And if truth betold, therein of youth this mould,
Which tells not of magic, nor of what you hold,
But rather truth in thought,

As if you had indeed bought,

Not what’s yours but to love selfsame what is sought!

Moving Towards:

As such, perhaps, for you this same solution?
To believe that there is this one emotion!
This selfsame one true hue,

Is fine for both me and you.

Then perhaps we build upon such devotion?

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