Art by Cynthia Christensen

Art has been a major healing force in my life, and I draw while supporting Vermonters as a full-time peer operator on our Vermont Support Line!

These originals are created with Sharpie Markers/Tom Bow Dual Brush Markers to lay down colors, Unibell Gold, White, and Silver Pens to highlight, on 18” x 24” Swarthmore Heavyweight Drawing Paper.

I’ll Love You to Infinity: The rainbow colors represent all colors of humanity, and hopes for unity in diversity, hope of light emerging from darkness, fear to hope, grief and joy, for those in challenging times, healing times.

Seahorse: Thinking about beloved creatures in our oceans is healing for me, and I have always been drawn to and fascinated by seahorses.

Celebrations… was drawn after healing from my unexpected surgery last March, when my appendix massively burst. I spent three days in ICU and another on Medical Surgery Unit, and a month to heal a very deep wound with daily dressing changes. It was a traumatic, but profound event of healing, feeling well supported by over 30 surgeons, doctors, RNs, LPNs, folks who cleaned my room, made food, etc. I went through a hard time but was able to celebrate coming home with all I have to be grateful for.

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