Creative writing by Raven Crispino

What is mental health?

What is men-tal-hell-th



That is what my mind just told me to do.

So I did it.

I am feeling better today; more in control.

Better than a month ago; a week ago. Yesterday was


OK in the way that means great, very good.

I don’t like to exhibit expectations

Especially on 4 or 5 letter words

Don’t lean on them too hard.

How much weight can a single word hold?

A person, a feeling, a noun, a song?

How are you feeling today?

Group therapy was OK – that was yesterday.

Looking forward to one on one therapy tomorrow.

Glad I wrote this out so I could remember. (about therapy)

Sometimes being depressed means forgetting stuff about you that’s important or things you have to do.

It makes you feel like you can’t or don’t want to do anything. Not even get up to cook or wash your hands. You just wipe the dirt somewhere and forget about it. When you aren’t depressed you can actually get yourself up off the couch or out of bed and without a decision are able to voluntarily do nice things for yourself. Without looking at the clock, without fear that you might not be able to do it.

These are the moments that should not be taken for granted because they don’t always come. I was able to introduce myself today to people; people I never met before. I was able to ask for small, simple favors without feeling like a complete user or burden. I am just somebody that needs occasional help sometimes. And it is completely OK to ask.


And this is mental health.

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